Local Panto Queen runs for office

Local Panto Queen runs for office

Usually a politician has two faces, one where they promise you everything and another where they do fuck all. However, Carlow businessman and local election candidate Bernard Jennings is a man of so many faces and multiple personalities that he is bound to please everyone in our little County. Whether waxing lyrical as the bard or twerking suggestively as a Jamaican char lady, there will be something for everyone of the electorate.

In his ‘manifesto’ letter above he promises NO Posters, No Photo on the Ballet Paper, No Canvasing, No Publicity, and you guessed it…No Comment on the issues of the day. Joe has therefore taken the liberty of designing what could have been the greatest election poster of all time…what a pity.

So when, not if, Bernard is inevitability elected he will have to do more than sing ‘Follow Me Up to Carla’ in a ‘Wickla’ accent. His supporters will expect him to turn up to Council meetings in drag or dressed as the devil or Frankenstein or in his Saturday night fever white suit and high heels.

Whatever the outfit, you can be sure that tickets will always be on sale now for Carlow County Council meetings at Jennings Opticians.

So a vote for Jennings is a vote for common sense.. with a twist.

From his No.1 fans at Scallionater.com x

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