Downhill Brownshill

Domhnall Greggan is not happy!

Brownshill Dolmen to be downgraded

Josepha Madigan T.D. and Minister of the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht has decided to downgrade Carlow’s Brownshill [sic] Dolmen to a load of old rocks.

In an interview with the she stated that the whole Dolmen thing in Ireland is old news and we need to ‘move on’ (she used finger gestures) and not be stuck in shite old tales of sacrifice and burial chambers from 5000 years ago. In a move to cut spending she said “we have decided that we cannot support this type of thing anymore and first on the cutting list is the Carlow Dolmen”. She then added “I went to visit the Dolmen yesterday on the campaign trail for the local elections and I mean what is it only a load of old rocks, sure there wasn’t even a café or coffee bar”.

Local farmer Domhnall Greggan said “I think she will be sorry messing with ancient monuments and the ancient folk of Brownshill. She will surely be cursed”

Anyhow our reporter Joe couldn’t give a fiddling feck himself as he was more concerned about how to spell Brownshill / Browns hill /Browneshill?

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