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We will have 100 thousand posters going to landfill so it makes sense to recycle them, these are completely waterproof and make cosy homes

Election Posters to be put to good use in Carlow

Local Carlow politicians are leading the way in an effort to do their bit for the homeless this year by donating all their old election posters to build homeless shelters.

“These posters are made of plastic and should be recycled where possible” says housing minister Eog-h-an Murphy. “This is a new initiative from Fine Gael as the electorate says we are not doing enough to tackle the homeless problem”. He continued “we had consultants draw up a five year plan to combat the problem and I think our solution is amazing. We will have like a lot, I mean 100 thousand posters going to landfill so it, like, makes to-tal sense to recycle them to make cosy homes, yah”.

He also stated that the Carlow Men’s Shed will construct the tiny houses, which will be completely waterproof.

Minister Murphy concluded proudly “All we need is to make a few small donations and this time it’s not going to cost the taxpayer anything, like.” Our intrepid and homeless reporter Joe was not keen on the initiative saying “I don’t want those cheesy grinning fuckers looking at me while I am trying to have a kip or take a shite”.

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