Star Wars coming to Carlow

If you think that it couldn’t get any better with JD Weatherspoons and Christian Scientology coming to town, well hang onto your lightsabers, because has a new exclusive for you. Drum roll…The former abandoned Irish Sugar site in Carlow has been announced as the new location for the next upcoming Star Wars movie “The rise and fall of Reginald Skywalker !

Fresh on the heals of Tom Cruise and John Travolta, Hollywood producers were in Carlow last week, and after seeing the site marveled at how brilliant and rugged landscape was commenting “that it would be perfect” for the next installment of their popular franchise.

They were most impressed with the tall lime kiln tower and saying “forget Skellig Michael, why this darn thang would make the perfect evil control tower or spacecraft”. Carlow tourism spokesperson said “We are delighted that Carlow can now be part of the global trend of Star Wars tourist trail” adding “we worked hard to convince the producers to come to Carlow, but since the announcement of the new Scientology centre in Carlow, money seems to follow money”. Casting Director Seymor Hymer III said we will need a lot of alien extras on this production and I think you Carlow people have the look we need”. Rumor has it that Production will start in 2021.

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