No Doctors Appointment Available

Carlow man Dermot James who accidentally cut his right finger off when he was doing a bit of DIY around the house. His wife Emma frantically tried to ring the doctor, but all she got was an engaged tone. When she eventually got through she was told by the receptionist ‘Jenny’ that they had nothing available until the middle of July and to put his thumb in the freezer until then and put some sudocrem on the wound.

His neighbour Pat who has a medical card, rang up the same practice and said that he “had a pain in his hole”. Jenny who was altogether more obliging said “No problem Pat come in at three pm.” Pat kindly offered Dermot his appointment, but Jenny was raging that they got past her. She told Pat that he was blacklisted for life even if he has a ‘genuine pain’ in his arse.

Emma said “I have been trying to get him to do a few jobs around the house for ages I think he did it on purpose. However, I don’t want to seem insensitive to him by pointing any fingers”.

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