Rockall drinking competition

Drinking to win

Rockall? What the hell is it, only a bit of rock out in the Atlantic?  We think it would be fair to say that the Irish and the Scots know ‘F@@kall about Rockall’, so is it really worth the bother? Well in a word, yes!

Ireland claim it as their own and Scotland now lays claim to it. This is fast becoming a battle of the Celts and the only way to solve this problem between Celtic Nations is not diplomatic bullshit, but with a hard and fast drinking competition! All those in favour say Aye! Wait that’s too Scottish. What we mean is ‘fecking right’!

Representing Ireland will be Donegal man and drinking legend Sean McGuinness, and to take him on will be the highlands top man from Inverness, Iona Weeboat. The wee drinking competition is set to be held aboard the Portuguese fishing vessel Santa Rita to keep it neutral and neither competitor will drink Irish whiskey or Guinness or Scotch, but the aptly named Salmon Vodka. On hand to referee the bout will be United Nations envoy Charles PĆ©guy who philosophically and wildly exclaimed “Tout commence en mystique et finit en politique.” Joe does not know what that means, but anyhow has 20/1 on Sean as the last man standing.

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