Those pesky kids

The Mystery machine van known to many kids and grown ups across the world from the Scooby Doo classic cartoon fell victim to the Irish motor insurance cartel. After moving to Ireland to investigate ghosts and other scary things and to get away from batshit crazy Amercians. They needed to get van insurance.

Fred got a quote for the van to be insured again this year under the vintage/ classic motor insurance but this year he was quoted a ridiculous amount and this prompted Shaggy (otherwise know as Barry) to inquire about getting insurance in his own name but that didn’t work out so well for him either, possibly because he has only a provisional licence.

This got the team worked up and they started to investigate the Irish insurance industry to see if they could come up with a reason why Irish people are been ripped off. They got close to the truth of it all. It turns out that is was old man Caruthers who was behind it all. His quote was “If it wasn’t for those pesky kids we would have gotten away with it.”

Daphne and Thelma have now gotten their insurance from for a reasonable amount.  

The mystery machine
Insurance rip off Ireland

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