The Sinn Fóne ™

The Sinn Fone
New marketing idea from Sinn Fein

With dwindling financial support within the party and the loss of their European seat in Ireland South, Sinn Fein have come up with yet another fundraising idea to boost their finances and to get down with the kids, the, wait for it … Sinn Fóne.

Those clever marketing people at Sinn Fein have come up with novelty phone cases with funky pictures of their beloved former leader Gerry Adams. Current leader Mary Lou McDonald said she wasn’t interested in putting her face on the phone cases at this time, but she thought it was a “great distraction, sorry, idea for the party”. Marketing person for Sinn Fein Tadgh Ó Broin said “Yes we came up with the idea of The Sinn Fóne case as a new form of marketing the party to a younger demographic, who after all will be “our new catholic majority” in the future.

Our reporter Joe heard from another unknown unnamed source that there were plans in the pipeline for a Sinn Fein telephone service, but the idea was quickly shelved after the only telecoms carrier they could attract was ‘Orange’. Sinn Fóne cases now available at all good retailers and south Armagh car boot sales.

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