Time to elect our own Fool

The UK are set to elect Boris Johnson to become the next British Prime Minister and what with the USA having Donald Trump as their own fool of a president, us Irish should really ask ourselves what sort of Fecking ejitt should we elect to be our Overlord and Master especially with what is happening around the world and complete and utter gobshites getting hold of power.

So us Irish shouldn’t be left out of the game, therefore it’s time to elect our own buffoon of a leader as sure what harm can it do as it can’t be any worse than the other fools we have running the country

Here are the Nominees

Pat Kenny: Well do we want another Kenny in charge

Bono: Because he is an annoying Pox

Ray Darcy: Because he likes porridge

Brendan O’Carroll: Because he is a foul mouthed drag queen

Twink: She’s a mickey zipper

Joe Duffy: Condescending fool

Louis Walsh: He just wants to be your friend

Damo: Well because he is an annoying little bollix

Vote for me
Fools of the world unite

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