Massive Irish water bonus

Just as the heatwave begins this week. Irish water plans to give all their employees a massive performance related bonus at the end of the month.  Carlow native Barry Walkin who spends his mornings commuting to Dublin to work at Irish water headquarters. He has decided he is going spend his massive oversized bonus on as massive oversized swimming pool this summer for himself and his friends. The pool will feature an impressive 25000 litre capacity, filter and built in whirlpool system and self cleaning system. As Barrys bonus was so huge he has also opted for the additional add on of massive BBQ and cocktail bar.

An excited Barry says he is hoping for a really hot summer where he can have pool parties and BBQs combined. He has invited all the neighbours for the first pool party especially Janice next door, the hot single mum.

Barry is busy in the gym getting toned up trying to get rid of his porter belly and is getting a back sac and crack waxing for the summer pool season.

“Sure what the hell might as well” he jested.

Barrys  job in Irish Water is Water conservation

Barry also likes to swim in the nip

Janice next door thinks Barry is a dick

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