Prison Glamping Van

glamping this summer

The Cash strapped Irish prison service are getting in on the Glamping frenzy ahead of this years festival season. No need for posh campervans or Yurts.

This year it’s gonna be all the rage The Irish Prison service are offering some of their plush prison vans for the upcoming Irish music festival madness. Normally these hi tech secure prison vans are used for transporting hardened criminals around from court to prison and back but this year for the first time ever they will be available for posh camping or glamping at music festivals.

Each square cubicle will cost €1000 for a weekends glamping. Glampers will get three square meals a day as per the regulations also handcuffs will be available for those of the “Fifty shades” perverts for an additional cost.

Spokesman Gary Longbody said it’s a win win situation for the prison service and their officer’s they get to make a few bob see some of their favourite bands playing and punters get to have a fabulous weekend. Imagine telling your parents that you spent the weekend in a prison van. Mum would be proud.

Gary also said “There are no toilet facilities included but you can shite in your cubicle as we are used to that.” In the meantime prisoners will be transported to court in the back of furniture removal vans.

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