IT Carlow launch new Dothraki language course.

Learn to speak Dothraki

With the final season of HBOs Game of Thrones after finishing up earlier this year fans of the show are at a loss at what to do now but don’t panic Carlow Institute of Technology has come to the aid of said fans as they launch an new course for 2019 in the language of Dothraki. Course facilitator at IT Carlow Bernard Giblin said “This is a first for Carlow or anywhere in Ireland or Essos so we are really looking forward to getting started.  As you know Dothraki is the cultural mother tongue of the Dothraki people and are a race of nomadic horse-mounted warriors so hopefully we can get some local horse people involved also.

The Aeronautic department and engineers  in Carlow IT are equally excited as news has just come in the they will be getting their own fully working flying dragon to work on in their course.

Local councillor Fergal Browne has raised concerns at the recent meeting “Who is going to be tasked with  cleaning up the horse and dragon shite around Carlow we don’t have the money or resources for this”  

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