Wake and Bake Father

With all this recent talk and disscussions about cannabis wheter its good for you or not. The Vatican has denied that most priests are actually active cannabis users. There is an unsaid movement in the Catholic Church which is referred to as the Wake and Bake Movement”

Father Michael Finnegan said “Yes its something we don’t talk about but it is wildly known that most priests are active cannabis users I myself get up in the morning and make coffee and roll a joint sure it’s the only way to get through the day. Can you imagine listening to confessions without it. Also having to deal with them little shites making their First Holy Communion its all about the fecking bouncy castle and the collection, sure there is no religion in that”

Another holy man who wished to remain nameless said “It is something that has been going for hundreds of years, there is talk that previous popes who were known as the Wandering Popes in the middle ages actually were so baked that they went wandering around Europe high as a kite with the munchies”

There is an unusual order of nuns based near the town of Merced in the Central Valley in California who grow weed but are not recognised by the Vatican but Sister Kate said “We are not accepted by the church but they the clergy are our best customers”  

Local Priest in Kildare Father Frank Mulligan “To be honest I give a cracking sermon when I Wake and Bake”

Long time weed merchant and theologist student Deano said “Weed inspires thinking and great vision and I love Father Franks sermons after a bit of a puff”

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