Beggar to Sue Dublin Corpo

Local Professional Beggar to Sue Dublin Corporation

Local Dublin professional beggar Larry Maxwell is to sue Dublin Corporation for his bad back. Speaking from his plush home in Ternure Larry has said his working conditions have become unbearable. I mean I go to work every day and sit on my arse on The HaPenny bridge it’s the best spot I get all the tourists but the fecking wind blowing right up the Liffey gets me right in me hole. That’s no way to earn a crust I mean at the least they could do is cover in the railings with some plastic sheeting it would make it nice and cosy. My solicitor says I have a good case against the corpo.

I usually get a weekly massage on me back from Topless Teresa in Harcourt Street she gives me great relief but the VHI refuse to cover my medical expenses they say she’s not registered but I have seen all her certificates so that’s a load a shite.

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