Liffey blocked with a massive Guinness turd

Liffey blocked

As news in Dublin of un-treated raw sewage being pumped into the sea at the aptly named Ringsend  this summer and forcing the closure of some of the most popular swimming spots in Dublin.

 News just in that there a new hashtag trending on Twitter and Instagram  (#superpoo) regarding the massive turd blocking the Liffey at the Samuel Beckett bridge. Dublin fire brigade are on the scene trying to unblock the affected area. Fire chief William Broslin said “We never seen anything like this before we had to bring in special large plungers in from France because you know them French lads are big shitters.

Local historian Frank Bulmard said “Looking back through the history books we saw this once before and it was blamed on Arthur Guinness in 1765 and it took three weeks to clear the river”

Dublin Corporation engineer Gerry Scullion said “The design of the bridge it swings open rather than lifts so the turd has lodged itself under and is stuck solid. This is a superpoo and all cities have to deal with this type of thing so we will deal with it and move on we can’t always be blaming it on Guinness”

Lots of Japanese and Chinese tourists have been flocking to the river and taking selfies and snaps and posting them on social media.

Carlow man Joe Scallion said “I said it before and will say it again the Dubs were always full of shite”

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