Single use plastic penises

Environmentalists have launched a new campaign this week regarding the disposal of certain single use plastics. Eco warrior Mary Delvin said “We need to cut out all non essential plastics if we are to save the planet. What I want to know where do all the plastic blow up penises end up after all the hen parties around Ireland.? I mean what about the thousands of hen parties all over Ireland UK and Europe every single one of them have blow up men with willies and penis straws and flashing plastic penis headbands its not good for the environment we need to educate these young brides to be.

Upcoming chief bridesmaid Siobhan Feehly “Ah now in fairness we are only having a bit of craic I hope to  re-cycle ours at our local recycling centre in Tullamore”

Local councils across the country are hoping to follow  a similar idea like the Spanish resort of Mojacar which has banned tourists from carrying giant inflatable cocks.

Head of the newly formed WPI Jenny Grecchen (Women who like Penises Ireland)   has vehemently denied that this is not such a big problem to be getting worked up about. We plan to collect plastic items for further use and ship them to Japan for the annual Shinto Kanamra Matsuri, otherwise known as The Festival Of The Steel Phallus. The day-long festival takes place at the Kanayama Shrine in Kawasaki, a city just south of Tokyo. The place is deluged by tens of thousands of locals and tourists alike, who flock from around the world to pay homage to the male appendage.

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