Boris Pallet Border Wall

Pallet wall

Boris Johnson has come up with the solution to the border between Northern Ireland and The Republic in the event of a hard Brexit, Boris quipped” It is the perfect solution no need for fancy gimmicks or technology and we will be doing the environment a favour actually it is rather like the hobby where I make buses out of timber to keep myself busy at home. No scratch that let’s move on.  We the UK government will be seizing all the pallets that are stacked across Ulster and we will start to make a pallet wall across the six counties. Thanks to the Unionists for collecting them you can keep the tyres and have a lovely fire with them. It was Donald Trump who gave me the idea actually. Sometimes I think he would have fitted in well in Eton”

Edward Stevenson the Grand Master of the Orange lodge said “We have not been consulted on this and will resist any attempt by the Police or Army to size our pallets Blood will be spilled.

A Government insider has confirmed it will not be the PNSI or the Army who will seize the pallets but it will be The Northern Ireland LGBT movement who will do it as the Orange Order are very afraid of anything that is GAY.

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