Pope V Pope

popes collide

At a recent closed meeting within the Vatican Pope Francis has gathered his close allies and friends and has confirmed “It’s time to get rid of some of the dead wood around here” What he was referring to we don’t actually know or do we?

Former German lightweight Pope Benedict who retired in 2013 but lives in the Vatican since and seems to have a growing influence on the priests and cardinals around the Vatican putting ideas into their heads.

Rumour has it the former papal boss Benedict wants to organise a German flavoured Beer Festival in line with Oktoberfest but the current boss is not so keen.

Another idea that he is trying to float is replacing the communion bread with Black Forest Gateaux.  

Pope Francis has called in the help of his trusty followers at Opus Dei otherwise known as the heavy hitters within the church.

If you want someone to disappear, these are the lads to do it confirmed a former unnamed Vatican official and general handyman “These lot are very dangerous and will do the best and worst to you if you don’t conform to their ideology”

You heard it here first.

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