Pennys launch Freckles in a bottle

As the summer is here in Ireland, The fact is it’s just around the corner and even if it isn’t there is always the fake tan if the summer never comes.

Everyone is fed up with the fake tan look, sure all the girls have tanned legs, arms, mid rifts, and even tan on the palm of their hands however that’s possible. It’s so common now. Where are all the milk bottled coloured Celtic Irish ladies gone. This year the science boffins at Pennys have come up with a brand new concept. Marketing person for Pennys Ireland, Sheila Rosecroft said “ Freckles is the new tan. Everyone will want freckles this summer. This new item to hit the shelves is called Freckles and Cream, Freckle On and Rub on Freckles and will retail for €3.00 Pennys Carlow will be the first store to trial this product we expect a serious demand”

Instagram influencer Jenny Ridely says “Yes it’s the new hashtag, freckles for summer 2019 everyone loves freckles and this is a brilliant idea I have tried it myself and it is brilliant plus I have been paid a lot of dosh to get it out there to my thousands of followers.

#freckles #welovefreckles #irishfreckles

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