Funfair Virgin Pukes his Guts out

Funfair disaster

22 year old funfair virgin Barry Blackburn was really looking forward to his first day in Courtown and trying out all the rides and fairground attractions. His mother a domestic cleaner had saved all year to bring him on a lovely summer holiday. Barry unlike most lads his age had never been to a funfair and was really excited only to have it ruined on the first day after he tried the kiddies tea cups ride and after a few turns he threw his guts up on the other kids. The Carnie (carnival operator)   stopped the ride and helped everyone off except Barry as his mother came to the rescue.

His mother expained ”Ah it wasn’t his fault he had loads of candy floss and ice creams he loves them 99s. Ah it’s hard for him while I am at work all day cleaning shitty toilets I have to leave him alone all day on his X Box but when I get home I make his dinner for him he is too young to be out working. So I thought this would be good for him.

Joe’s Opinion Barry is a lazy shite and spoiled rotten.

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