Win Tickets for Electric Picnic

What would you do to win tickets for this years sold out end of summer festival in Stradbally?

Yes it’s the annual pilgrimage to the wooded country estate in County Laois  hoardes of  scantly clad young people wearing skimpy shorts and false tanned legs, fashionable wellies and that’s just the lads anyway they will drag their camping stuff and lashings of alcohol several miles to the infamous Jimi Hendrix and other assorted named campsites.

Enough teasing I hear you say. Tell me how to win the golden tickets for this event.

This year the organisers have set aside several tickets to be claimed for anyone willing to clean up the shitty toilets from last year’s event.

Spokesperson Orla Rosenburg for Festival Republic said “We completely forgot about theses jacks because they were buried in the undergrowth and are there since last year and really are in really shite condition and are in need of a good deep clean”

So if you have no sense of smell and what it takes to clean to a high standard get in contact with the organisers see if you can win two tickets for this sold out party in the woods. Contact    

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