Yummy Cider and Toothpaste at Electric Picnic

Gary Strongbow had saved all year for his Electric picnic ticket but not for his tent which he plans to leave there because his Mum bought it for him so he might as well trash it afterwards as in keeping with tradition.

Gary was also delighted to bring in on his super trolley plenty with lashings of his favourite cider this year to the Picnic as it is commonly known among hardened veterans of the picnic. The cider is aptly named after himself or so he thinks. Gary Comes for a long line of cider drinkers going way way back to his really distance cousin Richard de Clare, Second Earl of Pembroke who was nicknamed Strongbow because of his ability to knock back the cider. He died in 1176 of alcohol poisining.

Well this year Gary aimed to top that by drinking 288 cans of the stuff over the festival weekend and on the second day the water in the campsite ran out and Gary had a mouth on him like a furry weasel with shit stuck to its fur and the only thing he could brush his teeth with was, yes you guessed it Strongbow.

Minty toothpaste mixed with a dry apple cider how could one resist.

Gary didn’t get to see any of his favourite bands he just hung around trying to get through his stash of apple juice. But he did get the shift from a lovely girl from Carlow.  

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