Carlow Ploughing Festival Rooms shortage

Bug Hotel only accommodation in Carlow

The National Ploughing championships  is been staged in Carlow this September. It is the biggest outdoor event in Europe.  Farmers are going crazy to get accommodation in around the Carlow area, all the hotels and bed and breakfasts are fully booked. The National ploughing association which caters for an estimated 300,000 people  have put a call out to request rooms in peoples houses and caravans and sheds or anything at all for the farmers and thier families to rent for a night or two. Local woman XXX who wishes to remain anonymous said because she gets her free range eggs from a local farmer she doesn’t want to get named and shamed  said “Seriously lads be honest  no one really wants a mucky booted farmer traipsing shite all over their shag pile carpet”

Lucky Donegal farmer Jeremy Corbett has found the only thing available in the Carlow area was a Bug Hotel for €150 a night. “Sure it will have to do I don’t mind sharing with spiders an other insects sure I am used to that just as long as I don’t have to drive 7 hours back to Donegal. It’s a long day traipsing around the ploughing festival, I will be wrecked getting all the free stuff that they hand out.

 I might head into Carlow for a few pints see what the craic is. I heard there is cheap boozer in Carlow.

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