FAI Sunday church collection to solve crisis

FAI sunday mass collection
Sunday collection

Dig deep this Sunday when members of the Football federation of Ireland will be out rattling buckets at your local church this weekend. The FAI are currently in deep doo doo with debts of 55 million euros. Former boss Don Johnboy Delaney stressed from his yacht in the Caribbean that it was no fault of his that the association were in so much financial trouble but he has suggested that they do a church gate collection as they always work for the likes of Fine Gael and Fianna Fail.

Jimmy Freely said “Ah it’s bleedin ridiculous sure we don’t even have any balls to play with, we are currently using rolled up tin foil but sure there’s no bounce in it at all and it fecking sore when you do a header”

The current estimate for the Sunday collection is about €100 million.

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