“Gravy Train” tours Ireland

The “Gravy train” is on tour around Ireland stopping off at all stations and letting the would be election hopefuls a go on the train, they can see what is available and what kind of things they can have and if they would like to ride the gravy train around for the next four years and maybe toot the horn every now and then.

The train is currently been driven by the Fine Gael lads and ladies with some of the lesser well known lackeys working in the engine room.

The train has a first class restaurant with all sorts of high class foods & beverages on offer. But there are no cups plates or any cutlery at all. To the surprise of the new election hopefuls who clambered on board at Carlow station they learned that the only way to eat your meal was from a long Trough filled to the brim with the most exotic foods in the world.  Present were the current  elected TDs and Senators from all counties on their knees slobbering away with linen napkins around their necks.

One enterprising TD was lying down on his back while the champagne tap flowed into his gaping wide mouth.

The train is also equipped with free Wi-Fi.

(Please note this service is not available in Donegal as there are no train tracks there)

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