Burglars not happy with lockdown

Young offender and professional burlger Gaz has hit out at the government for closing down the country stating that his main source of income has been wildly affected by the Corona Virus.

“Its bleedin terrible I haven’t been able to break into any gaff since this virus yoke started” said an irate Gaz .

He continued on “ Its wrecking me head man because all the gaffs are occupied now everyone is home all the bleedin time watching Netflix and  auld lads out cutting lawns and washing cars, I will have to go on the dole now”

We asked would he not stay in and protect himself from the virus yoke as he called it.

“No way couldn’t do that me ma is wrecking my head, I need me space besides I don’t think its real, I think its a mind control thing the goverment came up with”

Other casualty of this virus yoke is local fence Deano  he said “My business was down 98% I will have to close down at this rate what am I going to do”

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